Monthly memberships

1 class/week 430 dkk
2 class/week 530 dkk
3 class/week 630 dkk
Unlimited Membership 730 dkk
*registration fee: 175dkk

Student Membership
Unlimited for 530 dkk/month
*half off registration fee for students

Any changes to a membership must be done in writing. Please email us at info@dottirhotyoga.com.
We can pause a membership for up to 2 months.
We have a 2 month cancellation policy so you will be charged 2 billing cycles after your date of cancellation 

Clip Cards

5 classes: 725 dkk valid for 3 months
10 classes: 1200 dkk valid for 6 months
30 classes: 3200 dkk valid for 12 months

Try Out Our Studio

14 day trial: 495 dkk
30 day trial: 945 dkk
Drop In: 225 dkk
includes mat & 2 towels



Here at Dóttir Hot Yoga, we offer a wide variety of hot and warm yoga classes to allow your body and mind to get the absolute most out of your yoga practice. From complete relaxation and flexibility, to flowing with the breath and working up a sweat, you will find exactly what your body and mind are craving. Our classes range between 65 to 95 minutes and are all taught in English.

At the end of each yoga class, you can look forward to a refreshing frozen towel placed over your forehead to cool down and a delicious, organic, freshly pressed juice to enjoy afterwards. We believe the little things matter and we strive to make your experience at our studio something worth coming back for.

Our classes are heated using Infrared heaters, the most beneficial heating method for your yoga practice. Infrared heaters improve skin quality, boost the immune system, detox the body, and increase circulation. As soon as you step inside the room, you will notice the difference with this heating method. You will feel the heat as it soaks deep into your skin, loosens up your muscles, and relaxes your body. It is such a subtle heat, until you start to move in it and it begins to warm the body from the inside first, causing you to sweat, detoxing and cleansing your body of toxins.

Book your class through our schedule below or through our Dóttir App. Read more about all of our yoga classes here. We look forward to seeing you at our studio soon!

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