Come treat your body and sooth the soul with a massage in our warm yoga room. We offer a variety of treatments that are catered to exactly what you are looking for. Another opportunity to take a moment for yourself and to allow your body and mind to fully and deeply relax. Our wonderful masseur, Heng, was educated in traditional Chinese massage therapy 7 years ago. She has had a lot of valuable experience working with a variety of clients from basic massage, stress relief, and pregnancy.

Physiological Treatments

Everyone is different, every body unique. Our physiological treatment is catered to what you need. The treatment is focused around the areas and spaces you feel need the most attention. The treatment is fully catered to you.

Pregnancy Treatments

Pregnant women have a happy but heavy weight to carry. The muscles are changing and developing in a new way so they need to be treated with a bit more care. We recommend that pregnant women book a session for at least 60-90 minutes to allow for this extra love and care.



Cleanse the soul and relax the body with one of these options. Choose which sounds best for you and your body today.

Massages will be offered beginning October 15th. 

45 minutes: 398dkk

60 minutes: 535dkk

75 minutes: 668dkk

90 minutes: 798dkk

120 minutes: 1068dkk

Yoga members get 10% off on all massage treatments!