Juice Cleanse

Why Cleanse?

Yes it is true, eating food is a human necessity; the human body needs food to survive. But have you ever thought that maybe it is actually a good thing to give your digestive system a break? To clear out the digestive tract of all things unneeded, like simply pressing the ‘reset’ button. That is what a juice cleanse can do. By drinking only juice for a certain amount of time (3-5 days is recommended), your body will clear out everything it doesn’t need, allowing your body to work much more efficiently and for you to feel more energized.

By doing a juice cleanse and drinking only organic fresh-pressed juice for 3-5 days, you will give your body a break, you will feed your body with only nutritious ingredients that your body will absorb immediately, and you will rid yourself of all unnecessary waste.

How Does It Work?

Before the Cleanse

It’s always good to prepare your body a bit before diving into a juice cleanse. Have you had a weekend of eating a lot of processed food, drinking a bit too much alcohol, and lacking sleep? Maybe a juice cleanse isn’t best right away. It is recommended to prepare the body by eating only whole foods and not drinking any alcohol a few days before a cleanse. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure here. If you have just had a few unhealthy days, then by jumping right into a juice cleanse immediately after, it is likely you will start craving these foods right away. The point of a juice cleanse is not necessarily to lose weight quickly, the point is to give your body a break and clear out your system. Giving your body a fresh start.

So, that being said, prepare the body a few days before by eating healthy, nutritious, whole foods and not drinking alcohol. It is best to avoid meat and dairy products a few days before as well. If that is already your natural diet, then go for it, jump right in!

During the Cleanse

During your juice cleanse, you will be given your 6 juices + 2 shots to drink throughout the day. If you do feel that you are really hungry, of course take a light snack. If you eat animal products, a boiled egg is recommended. You could also go for a handful of nuts or any raw fruits or veggies. Before you do this, think to yourself. Am I actually hungry? Or am I just craving some solid food to munch on? If you really are hungry, EAT! If you are just craving something, drink a juice and try to wait it out. You’d be surprised how energized you will begin to feel.

After the Cleanse

Start introducing nutritious, whole foods back into your diet slowly. Eating small light meals at first; maybe a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch, and a nutritious vegan dinner made with whole foods. And then slowly return to your regular diet within the next few days. If you are someone who notices stomach problems or indigestion often, a juice cleanse is a really great way to cleanse the system and slowly reintroduce foods to see which foods work best for you and make you feel best inside.

Our Detox Packages

What’s Inside

We recommend you drink all 5 juices + 2 shots throughout the day, in this order. Because the first juice has activated charcoal, it is best to drink this on an empty stomach, and wait 2 hours until drinking the next juice. All of our juices are made with fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, and superfoods with no additives or unnatural sweeteners.


Water – Lemon – Elderflower – Activated Charcoal


Blueberries – Banana – Lime – Chia Seeds – Coconut water – Blue Spirulina


Lemon – Ginger – Cayenne


Orange – Carrot – Sea Buckthorn – Turmeric


Celery – Kale – Lemon – Mint – Avocado


Beetroot – Red Cabbage – Lemon – Ginger


Turmeric – Cinnamon – Black Pepper – Almond Milk




Here’s the Deal

We recommend cleansing for between 2-5 days. We offer packages for 2, 3, or 5 days. You choose what sounds good to you, depending on what your body needs! Either order your package and pick up all the drinks, or we’ll make them fresh for you the night before! Pick up your juices for the next day before 18.00, when the cafe closes.

10 Juices + 4 Shots Total


15 Juices + 6 Shots Total


25 Juices + 10 Shots Total


Order online and we can deliver to the Sydhavn area before 18.00 or come pick it up at the studio!