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2-day Yoga + Juice Detox Weekend

We are hosting another 2-Day Yoga + Juice Detox Weekend at Dóttir HotYoga! By combining hot yoga with a complete juice cleanse, you will not only be giving your digestive system a break, but you will also be cleansing out your internal organs and detoxing the body and mind. It’s such a nice treat for your body so we are really looking forward to you joining and hearing how you feel afterwards!

We all want to hit refresh at the beginning of the new year and we think a detox weekend with Hot Yoga and a Juice Cleanse is the best way to do it! Join our 4 special Detox Hot Yoga classes to sweat out the toxins, give your inner body a massage doing twists and folds, clear your mind, breathe deeply and let go of everything unnecessary.

Bookings are now open so make sure to get a spot in time. This time we’ll have very limited spots!

DATES:  18-19 January 2020 at Dóttir Hot Yoga

INCLUDES: 2 Hot Vinyasa & 2 Warm Yin classes (35/32 degrees)
&  2 day Juice Cleanse from Anna+Juicen
& a surprise goodie bag

PRICE: 1299 dkk, 15% member discount as always
Book your spot through our DottirHotYoga app!

Saturday, 18th of January
8.30 : meet at the studio for your first juice shot
9.00-10.05  : Detox Hot Vinyasa class
10.30-11.35 : Detox Warm Yin class
*You will get the rest of your juice pack to drink throughout the rest of your Saturday and Sunday*

Sunday, 19th of January
16.30-17.35 : Detox Hot Vinyasa class
18.00-19.05 : Detox Warm Yin class