Strong Mommy

(Postnatal course from 6 weeks to 6 months after birth)

Dates: Wednesday, January 23rd- Wednesday, February 27th

Time: 12.00-13.30

Price: 875dkk (Members get 15% off)


-Six 90 minute classes focusing on strengthening the glutes, back, core, and pelvic floor

-Unlimited access to all our classes throughout the 6 week course

Join Karen & Victoria in a 6 week course for new mothers who are ready to regain strength in the core, glutes, legs, lower back and pelvic floor. Tune inwards, take some time for yourself and learn how to use the breath to find calmness in the moment.

Your baby is also welcome to join you in the class! Each class lasts for 90 minutes and the room is heated to 28°C to allow your muscles to loosen up and get deeper into each posture. A refreshment will be served after each class.

 Limited spots so make sure to sign up in time.