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Dear friends,
It’s that time of year where our bodies are craving to just slow down, stay warm, and cozy up inside. Our studio is here to help you during these cold and grey days. Hot Yoga is a great way to reenergize the body and mind, while also giving your muscles the warmth they need during this time of year. Our café will be closed until the spring season but don’t worry, our best selling juices will be available to order online and picked up at the studio.

Plus we have created some delicious and healthy juice cleanse packs to help you detox your body, cleanse your digestive system, and get all the amazing vitamins and minerals your immune system needs during this time of year.

The Hot Yoga studio will continue as normal so you can have a warm oasis waiting for you to unwind, relax your muscles, and strengthen your body and mind. We have even added some exciting classes to our schedule and we have some new courses on their way. We’ll see you at the studio, let’s stay warm during this cold and grey Danish winter!

Your Dóttir HotYoga Team.


500 ml – 58dkk

Message us online to place your order and it will be ready to be picked up at the studio.

Adress: Teglholmsgade 76 A


Celery – Cucumber – Spinach – Kale – Green Apple – Lemon – Cayenne Pepper

Benefits: A mean, green juice machine. This is a classic with a cayenne punch! Detox and cleanse your body with our Down Doggie Detox.


Beetroot – Lemon – Apple – Ginger

Benefits: Start or end your day with an extra groove in your step. Increase exercise stamina and boost your immune system, great for before or after your next yoga class.


Carrot – Orange – Ginger – Turmeric

Benefits: A juice with a punch! Packed with nutrients, this juice will boost your immune system, decrease inflammation and provide a great source of Vitamin A to keep skin hydrated.


Spinach – Kale – Avocado – Celery – Apple – Chlorella – Chia Seeds – Lemon

Benefits: Get all your greens in one drink! A great immune system booster and rich in protein.


Activated Charcoal – Elderflower – Mint – Lemon

Benefits: Our signature juice is pressed with activated charcoal, a very absorbent ingredient. Known to reduce bloating, stimulate digestion, and increase circulation. Great for before or after a yoga class, and we recommend drinking 2 hours before or after eating.


We want to serve you the best, so all of our ingredients are high quality and organic.

We support local businesses.

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Interested in a Juice Membership? 

10 juices or smoothies per month for 399dkk. You save the price of 3 bottles!