dóttir hotyoga

Who We Are

Karen Halldorsdóttir, the owner of Dóttir Hot Yoga, moved from Iceland in the beginning of 2017. She is a yoga teacher, health advocate, and above all, a mother of two beautiful daughters. If there is one thing that motherhood has taught her, it is the importance of taking that moment for yourself. She feels the best way to be present for her daughters, and to be her best self, is to allow herself to take that moment, to take that breath. Life can be so busy and move so fast, one of the few ways to slow it down and to notice what is going on around is to be present; to take a step back from it all.

And because this idea is so important to her, Karen was inspired to create a space for people to take that moment for themselves. A space where women, men, mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons could step away from the outside world and all its distractions, and connect with themselves, and the people around them. To take a breath of fresh air, relax the shoulders, and sigh it out.

Our hot yoga studio offers a variety of yoga classes throughout the day so you can find a time and a style that suits you. And by incorporating all the yoga styles we offer into your practice, you will have a healthy body which promotes a healthy mind.

Dottir Hot Yoga is here for you and the Sydhavn community in Copenhagen. Your health and wellness hub with the community in mind.