Why Add the Heat? // Benefits of Hot Yoga

Yoga is for everyone. We really believe this is true. There are so many different styles of yoga and such a wide range; from restorative Yin to fast-paced Vinyasa, holding poses for long periods of time and relaxing completely into each posture, to moving with the breath. Slow flow, strength-based, relaxed, long holds, movement with the breath, seated, balanced, upside down, right side up. I could go on. There is a practice, a form, for everyone. It may take a bit of exploration, trying out new places, getting out of your comfort zone, and doing things you never thought you would. However, we do believe, everyone can find something that really fits for him/her. That strikes a chord, hits a sweet spot, that makes you say, “Yes, this is for me.”

This post is to help you in your journey of exploration. Maybe you have tried a few different styles by now, maybe you haven’t tried any. Maybe you are already a hot yoga addict and want to learn more. Here we will give you a little peak into a hot yoga studio, what’s going on in the body and in the mind. How is the heat helping you? Here you will find 5 benefits of Hot Yoga. Here is why we like to crank up the heat here at Dóttir HotYoga:

1. Increase Flexibility
Is flexibility a problem for you? The poses feel uncomfortable because your body feels so tight? We hear you, and we’re here to help. When you raise the temperature a bit, (up to 35°C in our studio) your muscles warm up at a faster rate than in normal room temperature. The heat allows your muscles to relax even more, to loosen up. The heat in a hot yoga class allows you to get even deeper into postures than you were before. And man does it feel good. Really good.

2. Detoxify your Body
The room is 35°C and you’re movin’ and groovin’, flowing with the breath, from planks, to chairs, to lunges, hopping back, stepping forward. You’re moving. You’re sweating. So much more sweat than in a regular yoga class. It feels intense, and it feels amazing. At the end of the class, a frozen towel placed over your forehead helps cool down and relax the body. After the hot yoga class, a fresh-pressed juice to replenish fluids and electrolytes. You feel completely cleansed and you’ve rid yourself of so many toxins. Detoxification at its finest.

3. Increase Metabolism
We have a variety of hot yoga classes at our studio, but if you have stepped into a ReConnect or ReCharge class, you can expect to use strength and work up a sweat. You’re heart will be beating a little harder and your body will be working. The added heat in the room causes your body to work a little bit harder to actively cool it back down. Your metabolism will be revved. Cue weight loss and boosted confidence.

4. Improve Mindfulness
The heat brings a whole new level of concentration and focus to a class. You can feel the intensity in the air, your mind fully present, so caught in the moment, it doesn’t want to leave. The heat in the air causes you heart to pump a little harder, you are breathing a little faster, and you are focusing on the breath even more. The mind is calm; the mind is clear, present on your mat.

5. Boost Immune System
This point can be a blog post in itself. We heat our studio using infrared heaters. Infrared heaters prove to be the most beneficial way of heating a room for a yoga practice. This heating method heats the body from the inside, beneath the skin, stimulating blood flow. This heating system has an incredible effect on the body including oxygenating your organs and ridding your body of toxins. Healthy body, healthy mind.

We have a variety of different membership options at the studio to fit all types of schedules and desires. We hope to see you at the studio soon!

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